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A Field Guide To Lucid Dreaming

Every single night, we have access to a rich inner world-- the world of dreams. Learn how to not only recall your dreams with ease, but WAKE UP WITHIN THEM! Lucid dreaming is much more accessible than some people might think.

In fact, you'll dream tonight. The only question is- will you be conscious of it or not?

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The Seven Basics

Alchemy is the art of perfecting nature. Or perhaps better said, it is the partnering with nature to allow what nature does best- evolve. Whether it is a plant, a mineral, or a human, alchemy is about separating the work into its three essential parts, refining those, and recombining in a new, exalted form. The "Basic Seven" are a series of tinctures prepared by the alchemist to help refine and strengthen not only the physical body, but the spiritual bodies as well.

Anyone can create these tinctures. In fact, the Basic Sevens are meant to be ingested and created by the same person. 






Journey to the Dreamworld

Take an interactive journey using projection, animation, and 4D effects into the world of dreams. It is there from "within" the dream, where we will learn the potential of lucid dreaming, how to do it, and where it can take us in the future.


Want to learn how to lucid dream?

Lucid dreaming is a possibility for everyone. With some simple techniques and practice, anyone can learn to wake up within their dreams- and experience a world with unlimited possibilities.